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Can I file a lien or NOI?

MarylandMechanics Lien

I'm a subcontractor working on a large hotel renovation and I'm almost finished with the project but the general contractor is slow paying and is claiming the owner is not paying on time. I have also done a couple large jobs for the same GC and completed them but have not gotten payed. What should I do?

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Jun 8, 2023

i am sorry to hear about your troubling getting paid for the work you have done. It sounds like you know what you need to do, which is to file a mechnaic's lien as quickly as possible. While you are well within your time limitations for the almost completed hotel renovation, the other jobs may be approaching the filing deadline for a mechanic's lien, and I urge you to speak with an experienced construction attorney as soon as you can. I can be reached directly at to further discuss and/or to see if I can assist with the lien filing.

Good luck!

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