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About Joseph Katz
Construction in Maryland is often a full-contact sport, and since my 2005 graduation from the University of Maryland School of Law, I have tenaciously helped hundreds of construction contractors and subcontractors with their legal needs. I regularly consult on government contract administration, and draft and prosecute requests for equitable adjustments and certified claims under the Contract Disputes Act (and Maryland’s equivalent under C.O.M.A.R.) when necessary. I am also experienced in the unique practice of bid protests. ​
Although the most common claim in construction is for payment after the construction services have already been provided, I have found that it is often the small nuances in contract negotiations before starting a new project that can save thousands of dollars in litigation costs. For that reason, I regularly draft, review, modify and negotiate contracts, subcontracts, and even change orders and releases to ensure my clients rights are protected.

In addition to my construction sector clients, I have a cadre of other businesses, and some individuals, who have been loyal clients for years. For them, I manage many, if not all, of the legal aspects of their businesses and personal lives. A trusted consigliere, if you will. Call me today to see how I can help you.