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Can an unlicensed contractor post a lien on a customer?

North CarolinaRight to Lien

I worked for a customer and built her a custom mailbox while unlisenced. The bill was for $544.50 but the contract was still for $225.00 at an hourly rate of $45.00 per hour which explains the difference. It had a long time since I installed a custom mailbox and I quoted her for an installation of already built.

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Feb 5, 2019
Good question! First, it's worth noting that whenever a license is required to perform work - it's typically a good idea to obtain that license. Granted, a license won't be required for every job, and for jobs that are extremely small in nature, licensure might not be required in the first place. As for North Carolina specifically - there's nothing in the North Carolina mechanics lien statute that would appear to require licensure in order to file a mechanics lien. Of course, it might be worth noting that the mere threat of a mechanics lien might be enough to compel payment in many situations, and zlien discusses that idea in this article: What is a Notice of Intent to Lien? Further, these resources may be helpful when contemplating a North Carolina mechanics lien: (1) North Carolina Lien & Notice FAQs, and (2) How to File a North Carolina Mechanics Lien.
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