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Case Study: raider painting

Contractor Boosts Cash Flow by Improving Project Research

Raider Painting, a professional commercial and industrial painting company, has provided outstanding services to its clients since 1983. After partnering with Levelset, the company went from a stressful, inefficient lien rights process to one that provided total job transparency, accuracy, and efficiency on all their projects with ease.

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About Raider Painting
Industry: Commercial Painting
100 to 150 Employees

The History

To create and send notices and secure payments, the team at Raider Painting needs accurate information. However, they often receive incomplete or inaccurate job site data from contractors. Prior to Levelset, the director of operations spent hours researching each project to find information about the property and other parties on the job. However, because public access to construction job information is extremely limited,  it was often nearly impossible for him to find or verify these details.

The Changes

In search of a solution, Raider Painting turned to Levelset for help. Today, instead of spending hours researching every project, they simply fill in the information they know about a job and Levelset’s Scout Research take care of the rest. Their team is notified when inconsistencies and data gaps are fixed, giving them peace of mind that their documents are accurate and their payments, protected. Raider Painting no longer worries about document mistakes that would forfeit their lien rights and put them at financial risk. The team saves valuable time and money now that Levelset enables them to track deadlines, send notices with ease, and keep track of complex variables – all in just a few clicks.


Levelset’s Scout [Research] tool has direct access to property ownership info that is invaluable! They do the research on the property owner and other entities that you may not easily be able to locate otherwise.”

Director of Operations at Raider Painting

The Result

3 Hours

Saved Per Project

The Solutions

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