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Lawson Roofing: Case Study

Protecting More Jobs with Less Hassle Using Lien Rights Software

Lawson Roofing, a family-owned contractor that has provided roofing and waterproofing services for over 100 years, has used Levelset since 2016 to protect their jobs. In that time, they’ve been able to mitigate risk, grow their business, and reduce stress in the back office by using Levelset tools to organize and automate their lien rights process.

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About Lawson Roofing
Industry: Roofing
60-100 Employees

The History

Lisa Wright, Lawson’s controller, saw vast room for improvement when she began working at the company. As the manager of several financial professionals, as well as the company’s finances overall, she needed to find a way to cut through day-to-day chaos and facilitate a more cohesive team effort. Furthermore, she had to ensure that business was being handled in an efficient, effective manner. Having used Levelset’s lien rights management solution at her past company, she knew that paperwork didn’t have to be so burdensome, so she made the decision to partner with Levelset at Lawson Roofing. 

The Changes

With everything in a cloud-based database, Lisa is able to easily keep up with the status of paperwork and payments on all of their active jobs in Levelset. To save additional time and further protect themselves against risk, Lisa and her team also use other helpful Levelset products: Scout Research, which provides property detail research, and Job Radar, which provides insights and alerts regarding payment actions happening on their jobs. By utilizing each of these solutions, Lisa and her team are now able to put the hassle in the past, cut out payment problems, and protect all of their jobs with the proper notices.

We’re currently protecting 300 to 400 jobs per year through Levelset, and before we only protected 100 or so jobs, if that.”

Lisa Wright, Controller at Lawson Roofing

The Results


Jobs Protected in 5 Years

Est. 350% Increase

In Jobs Protected Over 1 Year


Documents Sent in 5 Years

The Solutions

The fact that Levelset will find the correct owner and the location [for a project] exactly how it’s supposed to be on our notices is my favorite part of [Scout] because it offers the biggest time savings, with the most accuracy.”

Lisa Wright, Controller at Lawson Roofing

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