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New Jersey Construction Legal Form FAQs

New Jersey’s unique laws can make getting paid a challenge. These FAQ pages are a great place to learn the basics and continue your journey to becoming a payment hero.

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New Jersey lien &
payment FAQ’s

Recent questions and answers about New Jersey payment

Hi i finish a residential job like11 months ago . Is there a way for me to get a mechanic lien on the property still

I haven't get pay for this job and it has been 11 months since i finish

Filed a mechanics lien on a property. The owner says they will pay me, but only if I release lien. Should I?

I performed work on a commercial property in New Jersey, but did not get payment. I tried to work with the property owner but was forced to lien the project the day before my rights expired. The property owner now says they will mail my check but...

How do I answer a Motion to Show Cause as a Defendant

I am a subcontractor who did work at a home hired by a contractor. The home owner owes my Company money. She is stating she paid the Contractor and he is no longer in business. I have an outstanding balance. A NUB was filed on behalf of...

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