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Prevailing Wage

good after noon my name is tavor Alon from all us doors I been ask to install a gate on prevailing wage job I not...

Can a subcontractor file a lien for “extras” if the work was performed without approval or an agreed upon price?

I hired a contractor to do work on a renovation. We agreed upon a price and I made all payments in full accordingly. 6 weeks...

Can a subcontractor demand payment over and above agreed original bid if all payments were made in accordance with the original bid?

I have a subcontractor who bid an amount to work on a residential renovation. After beginning work, 6 weeks later, he stated that he underbid...

I have a contractor who did not complete all scope of work and what was completed was extremely unsatisfactory. He has subsequently filed for a construction lien for the last 3rd of a payment owed. What can I do ?

Hired to do a paver patio with outdoor bar. I had tremendous issues with the customer service and workmanship combined. The following issues came about...

We filed a lien back in October 2018 and have still not been paid. What is my next course of action?

We filed a mechanics lien back in October 2018. It was within the deadline and was excepted but we never received payment. What is the...

Foreclosure in a Bonded lien

We filed a lien on a project we are not getting paid o. The owner required the contractor we work for to get a bond...

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