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Mechanics Lien in PA

Th oewner of the property is an LLC, they hired us to provide siding works. In the end they didn’t pay in full. We wanted...

Now that my lien has been filed, what happens next? Does it have to go to court to obtain a judgment? Who does the filing in Superior Court?

I was explained by Levelset the my next step is to file a Letter Of Foreclosure. But doesn’t it have to go to court first...

how to file a complaint when you receive a notice of appeal

Filed civil complaint against customer and was awarded judgement. Defendant is now appealing. I only have 5 more days to file a complaint or she...

I am a homeowner who wants to put a lien against abandoned property next door.

I am a homeowner who wants to put a lien against my property next door. The house has been abandoned for about 3 years, owners...

we filed a lien on a bunch of properties, same property owner. They filed an objection on each one, for what seem to be technical reasons. Question: is an attorney needed or an amendment needed, and can this be addressed by Zlien? Documents can be found in the doc tab.

On our account, you can find the files. They filed a motion of objection based on technical items like their name is different or we...

We have a GC that owes us over $750,000 total for work completed over 6 months ago and refuses to pay for work performed unless we give up almost $140,000 for work we performed lWhat is my next options to take to apply pressure to get paid and not have to concede to a large discount? What can I do to avoid this action or strengthen our position?

The GC is attempting to mitigate their losses on the entire project on us because they can’t get the owner to pay for some of...

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