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I had a phone call with Ed from CAI builders and he said that he had his lawyers pull the lien. Not sure what that means...Read More
Anonymous Sub-Subcontractor
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New Jersey
A contractor purchased quartz countertop from me for a new house to be sell. the fabricator completed works, but the contractor refused to pay me the balance. Can I file lien?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New JerseyMechanics Lien
Contractor awarded bathroom project will not have it complete for opening of school. Liquidated damages is 1k day in the contract . How can we strengthen our liquidated damage clause if this ever happen again and to prevent this type of scenario?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New Jersey
Im a fencing subtractor and finished a project back in September of 2021 and the company has not paid me as of yet. I already did the Notice of Intent with you all and Nothing. Also hired a lawyer who sent a letter and Nothing. Thousands of dollars paid to lawyer for nothing to happen. What can I do next that wont cost more $$$ and get paid from this company. Frustrated!!!!...Read More
Kenneth Hammond
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New JerseyLien WaiversMechanics Lien
Getting a large deck rebuilt. $42K total. Contractor wants $9k up front for materials, $17k before starting work, $13k once "decking" (top Trex surface) starts, leaving $4K payable upon completion. I'm a homeowner looking to protect myself (and with zero intention of abusing the contractor financially), but understand that the contractor (not knowing me) is looking for a payment schedule most beneficial to him. I have no problem paying for materials upfront, but feel that I should be paying (primarily) upon COMPLETION of milestones (footings, sonotubes placement/filling/code-official approval, ledger, beam installation, joist installation, etc) rather than BEFORE work is done. And leaving only 10% payable upon completions seems way too low. ..... too easy for him to "walk away" if we have a disagreement over workmanship. Notwithstanding my desire to pay upon completion of milestones, I understand that he is entitled to at least sufficient ongoing payments to cover materials and staff/sub-contractor salaries as work progresses. So........... what is (are) typical payment schedules for such a job. FWIT, I'm in New Jersey ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New Jersey
I am Architect doing a renovation project to an existing Volunteer Fire House District #6 in Parsippany NJ-Do I need to use prevailing wages for bidding this project? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New Jersey
Hello good day, I missed my Arbitration demand deadline and I'm trying to file a lien. I was a labor on a residential job at Henry's ranch. I have the personal check that was sign by Henry before he died. Thank you, Michael Rodriguez ...Read More
Anonymous Laborer
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New Jersey
We were contracted to work for Choice Home Warranty, we serviced local customers in our area who had a contract with CHW. We finished jobs are have not been paid on them, need help with trying to collect the rest of the money that we are owed....Read More
Ashley Mahoney
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New Jersey
Imperial Cleaning is a contractor for monthly Janitorial (cleaning services) to a Client in NJ. Our client has not paid for services on the monthly cleaning job and supplies. We have invoices from January- June unpaid. We submitted a notice of intent to lien, however we have not heard back from the client. I was wondering If we could send a Mechanics Lien. The options only state Construction lien. We have provided supplies and upkeeping for the improvement of the real estate property....Read More
Franzel Rodriguez
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New Jersey
We are operating out of NM and the project was in NJ. We have are in process of filing a mechanics lien, is it worth it to send a letter of intent and a notice of unpaid balance?...Read More
Teri Jaramillo-Kerr
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New Jersey
I just reviewed my roofing agreement that I was an estimate. It stated that payment will be $1000 plus insurance premium. The state adjuster I worked with was recommended by them and I had to payed him 15 % of my insurance settlement amount. Can I get out the agreement without getting a lien put on my property or paying the roofer 35% of my settlement since I no longer want to use them. I live in the state of NJ and they already completed 6 roofs in my neighborhood....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New JerseyConstruction ContractPrompt Payment
We signed a contract with an estimate cost amount and the work was to begin in June however it was delayed by the contractor and began on 7/11/22. Meanwhile his workers have not performed professionally and the work had to be redone several times, like the sparkling and painting. The first week they started they worked 5 days then four days the next week and then they worked 3 days a week for only 5 hours a day and now as of August they only worked 2 days. We have stressed our concerns and he kept saying that he will do better however after each conversation with him it gets worse. How do we cancel and get our money back for the down payment for the kitchen remodeling that has not began yet?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New JerseyConstruction ContractRecovery Options
We are an Operations & Maintenance provider and the GC of the project wants to include the following clause in the contract, "Contractor shall not place any Lien or other encumbrance on the Facilities or the Sites." Can ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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New JerseyConstruction ContractLien WaiversMechanics Lien