New Jersey

If you need help getting paid on construction projects in New Jersey, this is a good place to start. This page compiles all the Levelset articles about construction payment in New Jersey, as well as a few other useful guides and resources.

Below, you can browse articles about mechanics liens, lien waivers, preliminary notices, prevailing wage laws, construction notices, and more in New Jersey. New Jersey is not known for having overly complicated and restrictive construction laws. However, you still need to have an intimate understanding of these laws to make sure you ensure payment on every project and get paid on time.

If you can’t find the article you’re looking for, you may want to browse the Expert Center page for New Jersey. The Expert Center is a platform where contractors can ask questions to get answers from construction attorneys for free. If your question hasn’t been asked yet, feel free to ask it yourself to get local construction payment advice that’s tailored to your circumstances.

Lastly, take look at the Construction Payment Resources page for the construction notices, forms, and documents you may need on any given project in New Jersey. You can also find links to Expert Center questions, guides, and other helpful resources on the Construction Payment page for New Jersey.

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