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I am a former renter who had to put things like a new water heater and numerous other repairs into a rental home. I have recently moved out (of my own accord)and the landlord refuses to me back for the things i had to put in that home AND has kept my security deposit. Your thoughts on what I should do?

How to recoup money

When filing a Mechanic’s Lien do you need to send a copy to the home owners mortgage company or just the home owner?

We provided carpentry services to a home owner who now refuses to pay. We have sent all the required demands for payment and intent to...

Can I file a lien against a construction contractor that did not pay me for accounting services that I provided to him?

I was hired to provide consulting services which we agreed on a rate per month. I began the engagement and received my first payment about...

Collect payment for services rendered

Tenant wanted to do upgrades in apartment. Homeowner said that was fine with him as long as tenant paid for the upgrades. work was done...

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