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Do MI NOCs automatically expire after one year (or some other allotted time) as they do in other states?

I’m reviewing title and one showed up that is over a year old. I need to know if I can ask for it to be...

I need to record a notice of commencement as well as a notice of furnishing for a project in Detroit MI. They will not tell us what is wrong with our form we attempted to record. Can you please tell me what it will cost in order for you to do it on our behalf?

Issues with form being recorded

Taking money for a job and not doing the work what is the laws

Not doing a job with a down payment

Property Manager Signed Contract

Hello, I am doing work with an apartment complex as a general contractor. I wanted to know if the property manager signs the contract and...

Placing a Lien on a leased space in outdoor mall

We have a property in Michigan where we performed water mitigation services. It is a leased space in part of an outdoor mall. Are we...

Have a felony from 30 years ago…does that disqualify me from being able to use/operate LEIN?

I recently received a job offer but I was told that my felony would prohibit me being able to use LEIN as a part of...

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