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US Virgin Islands Bond Claim Overview

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US Virgin Islands Bond Claim FAQs

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Recent Questions & Answers About US Virgin Islands Claims

Basic information to collect for Public Jobs

For public jobs, what information should we be collecting from our customer on the front end? Is there bonding/surety information we can/should collect initially?

What do you do after you file a claim against contractor bond.

Filed a claim against my contractor for poor workmanship issues. We have been dealing with the same issues since October when they installed showers. They...

GC for Imperial Sewer Water Upgrade delay in progress pay, Do I file for penalty and late fees w/ forms or legal rep ?

I sub-contractr for Imperial valley Sewer Water upgrade. GC continuously delays to pay, PP1 and now PP2 explanation, they did not receive money for our...

How to file a lien in US Virgin Islands

Need to file a US Virgin Islands mechanics lien? File your mechanics lien with Levelset, the lien experts quickly and easily. Or you can follow the 3 steps below to file a lien yourself with Levelset's free information.
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Step 2 Download your US Virgin Islands Mechanics Lien Form
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US Virgin Islands Bond Claim Free Forms

Notice of Intent to Make Bond Claim Form - free from

Notice of Intent to Make Bond Claim Form

A Notice of Intent to Make Bond Claim is not a required document, but it can be a powerful one. By sending this notice, a...

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