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US Virgin Islands Bond Claim Overview

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US Virgin Islands Bond Claim FAQs

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what can we do now?

Contractor was doing unsatisfactory work and it was one delay after another. I found while checking L and I that the contractors license had been...

What legal action do I have for a Municipal Project completed in Newington, CT?

I'm a subcontractor of a sub contractor who is contracted directly with the General Contractor. We've completed the project and were paid a partial amount....

Can a sub contractor file to collect a payment from our Bond – we are behind in paying after COvid 19

We are the GC.. In this Covid 19 we are behind on paying a roofing subcontractor He has filed a claim against our Bond We...

How to file a lien in US Virgin Islands

Need to file a US Virgin Islands mechanics lien? File your mechanics lien with Levelset, the lien experts quickly and easily. Or you can follow the 3 steps below to file a lien yourself with Levelset's free information.
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Notice of Intent to Make Bond Claim Form - free from

Notice of Intent to Make Bond Claim Form

A Notice of Intent to Make Bond Claim is not a required document, but it can be a powerful one. By sending this notice, a...

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