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What's the cost to file a lien

North CarolinaMechanics Lien

I finished a house,received my final inspection and we have yet to receive final payment and they are not answering my calls. It has been 3 weeks.

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Jul 11, 2018
The cost for filing a mechanics lien can depend on a number of different factors, including on whether the claimant will file the lien or will have the lien filed by someone else - such as a lien filing service (Levelset offers such a service here, but there are several others available online as well). Further, even when a claimant decides to file a lien on their own, costs can vary by county and will also vary depending on whether the lien is filed in person or online. For the cost of filing a lien in the county where you intend to file, reaching out to the county recorder of that county or searching their website will usually provide some clarity. Often, a schedule of fees will be available online at their website. For a free, downloadable mechanics lien form, here are some North Carolina forms that Levelset offers: Mechanics Lien Upon Funds, General Contractor Claim of Lien on Real Property, and Subcontractors Claim of Lien on Real Property.
Dec 2, 2020
How much to put lien on house in Braxton county in WV by the other on deed

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