What type of release lien do I need.

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Hello, I am building a house in Texas and the builder has his own cabinet maker and Installer. I am wanting to use my own cabinet maker to make and install the cabinets. The builder wants a lean release from my Cabinet Maker to release Builder from any thing that will go wrong during the install of his cabinets including damages and repairs to any part of the house and cabinets.What type of lien do I need?

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If you’re looking for Texas mechanics lien waiver forms, you’re in luck. You can find free, downloadable lien waiver forms here (after scrolling down a bit): Texas Lien Waivers Guide and FAQs. And, that page will have all the information you need to know about lien waivers and Texas construction projects.

However, based on the information above, it looks like the contractor is asking for an assurance that their work won’t be damaged by the work of the cabinet installer. And, if that’s the case, it might also be necessary to provide documentation stating that the contractor won’t be held liable for any damage caused by the cabinet installer, and/or that the cabinet installer will repair any damage they cause to the contractor’s work. That’d be more like a waiver of liability or a warranty than a lien waiver, I think.

For the most clarity, though, it might be helpful to discuss what’s being requested with the contractor and to get clear instructions on what the requested documentation would accomplish. And, with that in hand, you could consult a local Texas construction attorney to draw up the requested paperwork.

That, or searching for downloadable forms on sites like Rocket Lawyer, Form Swift, or LegalTemplates.net might provide some options for liability waivers or warranties. Or, the relevant parties on your job might be able to draw up the documentation themselves.

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