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What is the time frame in New Jersey to file a lien?

New JerseyLien Deadlines

Have a client that has a large balance and no payment arrange will be settled.

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Aug 30, 2018
The deadline to file a New Jersey lien will depend on the type of project being performed. If the project is a residential project, the deadline to file a lien is 120 days from a claimant's last furnishing - but there are other required steps before filing a New Jersey residential mechanics lien, and the process must really be started within 60 days of a claimant's last furnishing. More on that process here: New Jersey Residential Mechanics Lien: A Convoluted Process. If it's not a residential project, the process for filing a mechanics lien is much simpler. A residential mechanics lien must be filed within 120 days of a claimant's last furnishing. But, it's worth noting that on non-residential jobs, adding a step before filing a lien can help recover payment without having to file a lien. Sending a Notice of Intent to Lien is a safe, inexpensive step - it acts like a warning. The Notice of Intent to Lien states that a lien will be filed if payment isn't made and made soon. Plus, if it's ineffective, a claimant can always file a lien later. Of course, keep the lien deadline in mind - a Notice of Intent won't extend that deadline, and losing the right to lien can really hurt the ability to recover payment. You can learn more about the document here: Notice Of Intent To Lien May Be Enough To Get You Paid. Good luck!

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