What are the Mssouri Mechanic lien statues when work is being performed on a site with multiple APN’s, like a condo.

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For the state of Missouri when second tier supplier is furnishing material to a jobsite what are specific noticing/service requirements. If I deliver material to a single condo unit, do I need to send notice to everyone that owns a condo?

If I am hired by the association, who is required to receive notices, the association or the individual unit owners?

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In Missouri, a building containing residential condominiums will be treated as a residential real property. So, for work on condominiums, the rules for residential jobs will apply.

Notably, on Missouri residential jobs, those who have not contracted with the property owner will have limited rights. That is, unless the direct contractor has gotten a consent of owner document signed by the property owner, then lien rights won’t be available.

As for notice or service requirements – those hired by someone other than the property owner must send a Notice of Intent to Lien at least 10 days before they file a mechanics lien claim. The notice must be sent to the property owner, to the property owner’s agent, or both of them. But, when working on a condo, it might be helpful to send the Notice of Intent to Lien to both the property owner and the condo owners’ association. That way, all bases are covered.

For more information on Missouri notices and liens, these resources should be valuable:

– Missouri Preliminary Notice Guide and FAQs
– Missouri Notice of Intent FAQs & Guide
– Missouri Mechanics Lien Guide and FAQs

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