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I am a homeowner. A sub tier contractor (supplier of plumbing parts) is filing a 90 day notice, but I never received a preliminary notice. Do I have any rights since he did not file this? I did not receive it nor did my mortgage company. I think he cannot file this since there was no preliminary notice. Do I need to retain your services? I fully paid my plumber and have receipts showing paid in full.

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Dec 2, 2020

Missing the 60 day preliminary notice deadline means that the supplier lien rights are limited to the amount of any unpaid balance owed to your general contractor. Based upon your description I would recommed you reach out to the plumber to review what payments were/were not issued to supplier and determine whether there was an inadvertent error which can be corrected. The plumber should be able to provide proof of payment which you can then review with the supplier 


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