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Notice to Owner, Lien on Property

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Anonymous contractor
Sep 30, 2020

I am a Sub Contractor working for a company that is NOT the GC. ( so I would assume they are sub contractors aswell). I did not file a notice to owner when starting this project in Mississippi back in June 2020. I have a feeling do to payments dragging the company I am providing labor for only is not going to pay me for work completed( we are at number 95% right now). Can I still sent a notice to owner ( I only know the GC on this project not sure how to find out the owner)? I also have change order which I still need to submit after completing that beginning of Sept 2020. And last I am still owed retainer which normally only gets released 45- 90 days after completing my scope of work which will be done by End Sept 2020 First week Oct 2020. As a note. This construction we are doing is a extention of a existing property.

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