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We are a plumbing subcontractors in the state of california, our last day of work in one of our projects was on the 9th of April, however the GC was not able to get their final inspection until 15th of May Do I have 90 days from the last day I was there to file a lien or 90 days from when my work was inspected and passed by the city ?

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Jul 3, 2018
That's a fair question, especially considering the California lien deadline can vary. In California, a claimant other than a direct contractor must file their lien after they cease to provide work, but before the earlier of either: (1) 90 days after completion of the work of improvement; or (2) 30 days after the owner records a Notice of Completion or Cessation. In California, unlike many other states, the lien deadline is not based on the specific claimant's last day of work.
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