i'm wondering if I can do a mechanic's lien?

10 months ago

I am a property caretaker. I was hired to maintain an income property which included all the maintenance and housekeeping of this property which is an Airbnb. We provided professional services, tools and materials in the upkeep of the property so the homeowner can make money renting it out repeatedly each month. They are not wanting to pay their final bill.

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Generally, in order for mechanics lien rights to arise, there must be some permanent improvement to the project property. As in, the work performed must result in some lasting improvement to the project property – and mere maintenance, upkeep, or cleaning services will generally not give rise to mechanics lien rights. However, more serious or permanent repairs might, and materials that become a part of the improvement – like building or construction materials – might give rise to lien rights as well. More on that distinction here: Do Repair and Maintenance Companies Have Mechanics Lien Rights?

For a little more information on Arizona mechanics lien rights, this resource might be helpful: Arizona Mechanics Lien Guide and FAQs.

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