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I'm owed 2000 $ for labor by a company in Ms that originates from Ca,con I get my $

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Bn working for few weeks at a remodel project that for two weeks hasn't made payroll

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Dec 13, 2018
I'm sorry to hear you've been going unpaid. When payment issues arise, the first step should typically be to reach out to the party failing to make payment to discuss the issue. Potentially, there could be an easy explanation or a simple misunderstanding at the root of the ordeal. If, after such discussions, it's apparent that a more serious payment dispute is present - more aggressive action might be appropriate. One way to escalate a dispute in attempt to compel payment might be to send a Notice of Intent to Lien to the non-paying party, the general contractor, and the property owner. A <strong>Notice of Intent to Lien acts as a warning. It states that if payment isn't made and made soon, then a lien will be filed on the job. While this can make a project more adversarial, it will certainly get the attention of all recipients and could help lead to payment. Another alternative might be to send a demand letter, threatening specific legal action (such as lawsuit or suit in small claims court) if payment isn't made. When sent by an attorney, demand letters will carry a little more "umph". Finally, if other efforts are ineffective and payment isn't made, exploring the potential for filing a lien, for filing suit, or for filing in small claims court could be helpful for recovery. Of course, before taking legal action, it would likely be wise to reach out to a local construction attorney for advise on how to proceed. For more information on the potential for a lien, this resource should be helpful: Mississippi Lien and Notice FAQs.
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