If the work is done on a date prior to the invoice date and they are in different months… does the ROL seeker have the

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If the work is done on a date prior to the invoice date and they are in different months… does the ROL seeker have the option of including it on the next pay period. Example: ROL states through 11/20/19. Work was performed on the job between 11/20-11/21/19. The invoice date is 12/01/19

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Ultimately, there’s no strict timetable for sending lien waivers like there is for sending a Notice to Owner or filing a mechanics lien. Rather, they should be submitted as the parties see fit – typically in accordance with the schedule the customer has for requesting lien waivers.

With that in mind, it’s important to understand how the different aspects of a lien waiver work and to submit lien waivers accordingly. And, to be sure, the through date (the date the waiver is signed) may be the most important feature of a progress lien waiver. That date creates a cutoff, and everything prior to the through date is waived.

And, to be sure: If work is done after a progress lien waiver is submitted, then the right to payment for that work generally won’t be waived. So, if work continues, additional waivers may be required.

Additional Florida lien waiver resources

I hope this information was helpful! I worked under the assumption that you meant “release of lien” by the abbreviation “ROL”, and that you meant a waiver by that term. You can find breakdowns for Florida’s mechanics lien waivers at the following links:

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