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I am a contractor and need to collect payment.


I have my sewing facility in Tijuana, a private manufacturer hired me to sew garments for them and after I delivered the product in good quality and they shipped to their customer without any complications, manufacturer is taking months to pay for the service. In addition there are two USA contractors that were involved in the process and have not paid for their services too. Can you help us

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Sep 6, 2018
I'm very sorry to hear that. Going unpaid for your hard work is very frustrating and plainly unfair. Our specialty at the Construction Legal Center lies in construction payment, so this is a little outside of my area of expertise. However, one way to demand payment, regardless of the industry, is to threaten legal action. Specifically, it could help to threaten specific legal actions against the nonpaying party unless payment is made. When such a threat is based on specific causes of action (such as breach of contract) and made through an attorney in the nonpaying party's jurisdiction, legal threats tend to carry a little more weight. Of course, consulting an attorney and laying out the facts, documentation, and relevant communications would be a wise move here - they will be able to review that information and advise on the best route for proceeding. You can find a California lawyer with ease online at Avvo, Justia, or Plus, if the contractors you discussed are located somewhere other than California, those sites will help find lawyers in other locations, too. Finally, these sites also have functions where you can ask a lawyer your question - and unlike the Construction Legal Center, the attorneys on these sites come from all different practices (not just construction). You can ask them questions here:, Justia, and Avvo. Good luck, and I hope you're able to secure what you've earned!
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