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I’m a purchaser at a construction company. Please help me on how to organize my suppliers

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My expertise lies more in construction payment regulations and construction law, and I’m not sure I could provide much value in advising how to organize suppliers. However, there are some resources I think might be valuable here…

How to Create a Formal Purchasing Program – While this article isn’t specific to construction, it does seem to contain some good information on how to think of ordering from suppliers and how to organize that process.

Construction Document Management Presents Unique Challenges – Keeping suppliers organized means keeping all of the paperwork straight. In construction, that’s easier said than done – but this article discusses some of the relevant challenges and ways to improve flawed processes.

How To Handle Requesting & Tracking Lien Waivers – Material suppliers will generally have the right to file mechanics liens, and lien waivers are the best way to avoid hidden liens from popping up on your projects. Plus, they’ll often be required by customers and property owners anyway.

Understanding the Construction Purchase Order | Construction Documents – This article may be a little basic, but it’s still got good information as well as some tips for managing purchase orders through technology.

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