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how to have the customer sign off on a punch list


have a picky customer, we are doing a punch list for them,and want to protect ourselves from having to return several times.. Interested in have the customer sign something stating they are satisfided with the workmenship. They have paid in full, we are just trying to make a picky customer happy. Thank you !

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Nov 12, 2018
That's an excellent question. One idea might be to walk through the site to discuss the punch-list items and have the customer sign off as each item is reviewed. A document that states the punch list item has been satisfactorily completed, when signed by the owner, could presumably help prevent repeatedly having to return to the site. I'd also like to mention that this would be a great question to post as the zlien Community forum. At the Community, other construction pros are available to answer questions and share their wisdom on how to handle certain situations on the job site (plus a variety of other topics). Someone there may have a good system for dealing with picky customers!
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