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How to get paid for unpaid work

FloridaMechanics Lien

I am in florida and just started my plumbing business in January... i have a contractor that had me come into a disaster of a job after another plumbing company had done shoddy work and told me to fix it. There was ALOT that needed to be done and he just told me to figure it out and get it done. Homeowner and contractor very happy with the work but he only wants to pay $1,750 of a $3,950 bill. I didnt file an NTO within the 45 days so I’m wondering if i can go against the homeowners for unjust enrichment? The contractor sends the homeowner my bill and then they pay it,according to the contractor, so they haven’t paid for the job in full

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May 14, 2021

Do not sue the homeowner. That is a losing proposition for you. For $2,200, you could file for a small claims case against the contractor, but I would advise against that. Instead, just tell the GC you are not doing another day's work for him until he pays you your $2,200. If you are as busy as most plumbers these days, he needs you more than you need him.


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