How do you file an NTO if there is not a specific site address?

5 months ago

For example, we are working with Norwegian Cruise Line for their private island – Great Stirrup Cay, Berry Islands Bahamas.

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A Florida Notice to Owner will only be effective to preserve rights for projects located in the state. It appears that Great Stirrup Cay, Berry Islands actually belongs to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Meaning, it’s not on American soil.

As a result, mechanics lien rights will likely not exist for work done there – or, at least, Florida’s mechanics lien laws will not apply (as of 2017, it appears that there were no mechanics lien laws on the books in the Bahamas, but that may have changed since then).

Still, if a construction business would like to send an NTO or some other preliminary notice, that would generally be helpful for project visibility and it could plant the seeds for a communicative project. And, if the property being worked on needed to be identified, using a nickname for the area or the coordinates – in lieu of the address – might be helpful for designating where exactly the work is being performed. But again, for projects located on foreign soil, Florida’s mechanics lien laws won’t apply.

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