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How do I know I have the correct address on lien waiver?

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I take care of the lien waivers for our lumber company. We are working with Levelset to streamline our waiver system. However, they have a Scout team that found a different address than what we are finding out on the county website? How do I know which is correct?

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Aug 19, 2020
I'm assuming you're referring to the address for the owner, GC, or your customer. If that's the case, then performing an online search might clarify things. Additionally, if you're looking for a business address, you can always perform a business search with the secretary of state - and that should identify the business' address as well as the address of its registered agent. Finally, you could also simply contact the party to ask them what the correct address is. If you're asking about the address for the project site, that may be harder to address. For one, your customer should be sharing that information with you. Of course, you should probably have the project location on hand if you delivered to the site. Again, contacting the customer or some other project participant to clear things up may be useful. And, if there are county filings like a permit, etc. - that should be pretty reliable. Ultimately, though, in terms of waivers - having the exact right address might not be all that important. For one, waivers can be electronically exchanged. For another, if there's an issue with the waiver, then someone will probably let you know.

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