Handyman Exemption & Mechanics Lien

4 months ago

If I’m owed less than$500 from the home owner for work performed on her house, and I’m unlicensed, does it then fall under the handyman Exemption clause… Would I be able to file a mechanics lien?

Chief Legal Officer Levelset

Nevada requires lien claimants to be licensed if a license is required for to perform the work for which the lien is being claimed. However, this means that if an exemption to the licensing requirements applies, a license is not required in order to claim a valid and enforceable mechanics lien.

One of the most commonly used exceptions to the contractor licensing requirements in Nevada is the “handyman exception.” In Nevada, a license is not required to perform less than $1,000 of work (including labor and materials) unless, generally, a building permit is required, the work is plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, heating or air-conditioning, or the work is part of a larger project. This exception to the licensing requirement is set forth by NRS 624.031(6)(a)-(e).

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