Filing a Lien with no written estimate or contract

8 months ago

Can I file a lei on a project I don’t have a contract on or gave an estimate on added expense that in Forsyth County North Carolina?

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It doesn’t appear that North Carolina requires a written contract in order to be able to file a mechanics lien in the state. So, if a contractor performed authorized work that permanently improved the project property, then a mechanics lien claim would likely be available. Granted, without any contract or estimate, it might be hard to pin down and prove the exact amount that will be subject to lien.

For more information on North Carolina’s mechanics lien rules, these two resources should be useful: (1) North Carolina Mechanics Lien Guide and FAQs; and (2) How to File a North Carolina Mechanics Lien | Guide + Form Download.

Further, keep in mind that before pursuing a mechanics lien, using tools like invoice reminders, demand letters, and even Notices of Intent to Lien could all lead to payment with less hassle.

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