Does this qualify for a mechanics lien based off of equipment rented to them?

2 weeks ago

I leased an aircraft to a flight training school who manages the aircraft and rents and collects payments, they have missed payments to myself repeatedly over the last few months. We do have a contract and they are no longer responding to emails and general communications. I believe they are going to declare bankruptcy within the next month.

Additional info about this contractor
Project Role: Equipment Lessor
Project Type: Other
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Under Civil Code section 8400 “A person that provides work authorized for a work of improvement … has a lien right….” so, no, renting aircraft does not give rise a mechanic’s lien.

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The legal issue that you have is not a mechanic’s lien issue. Mechanics lien laws apply only to improvements to land. What you have is a contract-related issue. In order to advise you properly, I would need to review the contract you have with the flight school.

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No, this doesn’t qualify you to record a mechanics lien.

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