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Do I need a flooring license to incorporate?


A sole Prop. with 6 years of doing flooring I want to incorporate but unsure if I can without a flooring license for the state of california?

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Jun 4, 2019
That's a great question. To incorporate, in and of itself, likely does not require any licensure. However, in order for that business to then perform flooring work in California, the business would generally need to be licensed. So, for all intents and purposes, incorporating a flooring business does require licensure - just not necessarily at the exact moment when the business is incorporated. It's also worth noting that it's possible to transfer licensure in some specific situations - including when a licensed individual owns more than 50% of an incorporated company.

For more information on California's licensure requirements, this resource will be valuable: California Contractors License and the CSLB: Understanding the Rules.

For more on transferring a California license, these resources should help:
(1) CA Contractors Change in Business Entity; and
(2) California Contractor Licensing for Corporation and Sole Owners
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