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do i have residing rights or can he just evict me and rent out house that i single handedly renovated

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i’ve been contracting a property improvement project for a badly vadelized single family dwelling on and off for past 2 years , i had agreement with owner to do most of ,if not all improvements . i have subcontracted out the plumbing and electric and hvac. i myself have done all demo . all framing . insulating. drywall, trim, cabinets , tile walls . flooring , painting. and have supplied all money for material and labor and paid all subcontractors . i’m 80% complete with interior with total to date exceeding $42,000 . i was instructed by owner to reside at residence to protect property and since i was going thru divorce it was convenient for me to do so . however i was just served with an eviction letter and i have to go to hearing on 11 th . obviously owner is trying to get out of paying for said services and ultimately i may have to vacate but the fact that he owes me a huge balance and i’m still 20% from completion . i would rather finish interior and get balance for entire interior but if i vacate and he gets someone else to finish it may be 3-6 months before they complete and try to sell and i’m out a residence from now till then with no money for and of services

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Feb 5, 2021

As I read it, you have two main issues, the remedies for both depend on whether you have written contracts, and their terms. It is nearly impossible to reply to your question without that information.

Nonetheless, it is critical that you 'appear' at the eviction hearing that you have been noticed for. Since most courts in Kentucky have been holding hearings by telephone or Zoom conference, it is important that you follow the instructions that should be contained in the notice that you received, or call the court clerk's office in that county to obtain information about how to call in.

As in all cases, you should contact an attorney in your jurisdiction to advise you.


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