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do i have any kind of residing rights


i’ve been contracting a property improvement project for a badly vadelized single family dwelling on and off for past 2 years , i had agreement with owner to do most of ,if not all improvements . i have subcontracted out the plumbing and electric and hvac. i myself have done all demo . all framing . insulating. drywall, trim, cabinets , tile walls . flooring , painting. and have supplied all money for material and labor and paid all subcontractors . i’m 80% complete with interior with total to date exceeding $42,000 . i was instructed by owner to reside at residence to protect property and since i was going thru divorce it was convenient for me to do so . however i was just served with an eviction letter and i have to go to hearing on 11 th . obviously owner is trying to get out of paying for said services and ultimately i may have to vacate but the fact that he owes me a huge balance and i’m still 20% from completion . i would rather finish interior and get balance for entire interior but if i vacate and he gets someone else to finish it may be 3-6 months before they complete and try to sell and i’m out a residence from now till then with no money for and of services

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