changing payapps from 3 months ago?

5 days ago

Hi! i have a pay application from July 2019 for a job that we sent in and had no feed back on, we also sent in the following month august and septembers as well. They are now telling us that the july pay application needs to be revised to reflect the change orders that have been deleted off and i need to change august also. how do i change a pay app from a previous month if all of my stuff is already entered in my system

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That’s tough, and I’m not quite sure how to edit prior pay applications in your system if the system locks the ones previously provided. Potentially, though, if prior records can’t be edited, it might have to be managed manually outside of your system, with a note as to why and how the edited pay apps are being handled.

Further, if you’re using some software to manage pay apps, reaching out to that software provider’s support team should help too. They may be able to unlock past pay applications to update billing amounts.

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