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Can I file a mechanics lien

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I have a realtor who hired me to do work on one of their own properties that they are flipping (selling). They are refusing to pay me. They already have a purchase agreement on the property with a buyer. I have asked for payment multiple times through text and they don’t think they owe me. I have sent multiple copies of the invoice as well as copies of their canceled checks showing that they have not paid me in full. I informed him that I would be filling a lien and he said best of luck, the property is already sold. I know for fact that it has not closed yet. I have a mechanics lien filled out. Can I add more to it for the time and costs? Also, if it hasn’t closed, will I get paid when it does? Thanks! Mike

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Dec 3, 2021
I would have to review the title status and your agreement, but in all liklihood you have some rights. Reach out and I'll advise.

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