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Can a labor lien be recorded for breach of contract?


We are a landscape maintenance company. Most commercial customers are bound with annual contracts that auto-renew. In this case apartment complex (customer) cancelled contract incorrectly. We are researching the answer to whether are not this is a candidate for recording the balance of the contract, not supported with actual labor provided. Especially since rent enforcement has/had been waived by Covid. Is this still true?

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Jan 12, 2021

Mechanics liens are generally only appropriate to the extent that work has been performed but not paid for. That gets to the heart of mechanics liens, too - a mechanics lien is a special remedy available to ensure those who permanently improve property get paid what they're owed. But, if work wasn't performed giving rise to the unpaid amounts, a mechanics lien probably isn't the best or most appropriate option.

That doesn't mean that other recovery options aren't on the table, however. When a customer has improperly terminated a contract, a breach of contract claim may well be appropriate, among other potential claims. And, recall that simply threatening legal action, like with a payment demand letter, could lead to payment as well.

For more information about Louisiana mechanics lien claims and when they might be most appropriate, this page should be helpful: Louisiana Mechanics Lien Guide and FAQs.


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