Am I receiving my fair due???

8 months ago

I am a furniture installer, and we are never told when we work on a PW job, but every so often my employer will go in my payroll history and “adjust” payment for a job that I worked on or completed up to several months prior. Sometimes I will see an hour or more on my current paystub marked as PW, when I spent anywhere from one hour to a full week even on a specific job. Is this legal? And why am I not being told when I am working a Prevailing Wage job???

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Generally, all parties working on public works jobs in Ohio are entitled to prevailing wages. According to this Ohio Prevailing Wage Determination Cover Letter, “Work performed in connection with the installation of modular furniture may be subject to prevailing wage.

If you’re concerned you’ve been owed prevailing wages but that your employer has not been paying them, as required, a good first step may be to discuss the issue with payroll, HR, or whatever department or person is in charge of payroll. It may be a simple error or there could be some valid explanation.

If a prevailing wage complaint becomes necessary, you can pursue that here: Prevailing wage complaint |

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