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Trulite Glass & Aluminum: Case Study

How a Glass and Aluminum Supplier Streamlined their Process with Automation

Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions, with over 26 fabrication facilities in the US and Canada, is a leading provider of aluminum and glass products. Facing limitations in their process, particularly around visibility and job tracking, they partnered with Levelset in 2022. With Levelset’s automation, they have streamlined their operations helping them save time, ensuring accuracy, and handling lien rights more efficiently.

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About Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions
Industry: Glass & Aluminum

The History

Before implementing Levelset, Trulite relied on manual, time-consuming processes. Penny Stadler, Lien Specialist at Trulite, was responsible for verifying job information and ensuring compliance with state statutes and notice deadlines. However, keeping track of deadlines and accurate job information was becoming increasingly burdensome. With Levelset, this process was significantly streamlined, saving many hours.

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The Changes

Since adopting Levelset, Trulite has experienced significant improvements in their Texas Monthly Notices, reporting, and research processes. The automation of invoice data has saved them considerable time, ensuring that the right documents are sent out at the right time with the correct information. With thousands of jobs to monitor, deadline tracking provides peace of mind and enables them to resolve issues more efficiently. Additionally, the research team at Levelset has been instrumental in assisting Trulite, ensuring that all documents contain correct and up-to-date information.

The research team at Levelset has been invaluable, helping us resolve problems in time to send out our Notices on time to meet deadlines and protect Trulite. I couldn't ask for a better team.

Penny Stadler at Trulite

The Results

20-30 man-hours per month in their lien department

In a department where time is a precious commodity, this represents significant efficiency gains.

The Solutions

Lien Rights Management 

Our cloud-based, lien rights management platform allows you to seamlessly protect lien rights, track deadlines, file paperwork, and ultimately ensure payment on every job. 

  • Send your notices and lien waivers in bulk 
  • Receive alerts about upcoming paperwork deadlines 
  • Track all documents in a centralized, online location 
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