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About Aaron Prenger
With a focus on business transactions and financial services, Aaron Prenger keeps his clients informed of
the latest legal trends as well as potential pitfalls associated with their respective businesses.
Aaron’s corporate transactions practice involves drafting, negotiating, and consulting on a variety of
transactional documents, including terms and conditions, purchase and sale agreements, distribution
agreements, lease agreements (equipment and real estate), asset purchase agreements,
stock/membership sales agreements, and other similar documents and instruments for a wide variety of
clients including banks, breweries, construction companies, contractors, distributors, fabricators,
manufacturers, retailers, and many more. In addition, Aaron helps businesses with corporate governance,
contracting, insurance and liability issues. He reviews company agreements and third-party contracts and
offers advice on drafting and negotiating contract language that will reduce exposure to vulnerabilities and
increase leverage in the instance of a dispute. Aaron has also negotiated Asset Purchase Agreements in
the context of the sale of car dealerships, minor league sports franchises, and other business acquisitions.
In his financial services practice, Aaron primarily represents lender’s in commercial real estate transactions
and has worked on construction loans, acquisition loans, and refinance loans for a variety of property types
including residential apartments, commercial office buildings, restaurants, shopping centers, hotels,
storage facilities, warehouses and other similar commercial spaces, mining operations, and a variety of
other property types. Aaron’s experience includes working on transactions involving industrial revenue
bonds, and other governmental incentives such as tax increment financing.
With nearly 10 years experience in the mortgage banking industry, Aaron counsels banks as they navigate
the regulatory landscape in an effort to maintain compliance and operate at peak efficiency. Aaron
counsels lenders on a variety of state and federal banking regulations including those governed by the
CFPB and the OCC with an emphasis on Regulation Z (implementing the Truth in Lending Act) and
Regulation X (implementing the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act).
Highlights of Aaron Prenger’s experience include:
Helping small and medium sized businesses navigate various legal challenges and lawsuits related to
issues such as intellectual property infringement, worker’s compensation claims, breach of contract, and
others, by analyzing their concerns and utilizing the vast knowledge of the firm’s various practice groups
to ensure that the client is getting expert advice in a timely manner and at a reasonable price.
Drafted and negotiated purchase and sale contracts, terms and conditions documents, lease
agreements, confidentiality agreements, demonstration agreements, non-disclosure agreements, non-
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compete and non-solicitation agreements, master supply agreements, master service agreements,
manufacturing agreements, and an array of other transactional documentation for a variety of clients
including manufacturers, fabricators, distributors, trade associations, service providers, consulting
companies, and banks.
Represented lenders with respect to loan defaults including collection and collateral liquidation efforts for
both standard and SBA guaranteed loans.
Conducted document review and advised clients with respect to corporate governance, business sale
transactions, and capital investments.
Represented the buyer in the acquisition of a car dealership.
Represented purchaser of ownership interest in a minor league sports franchise.
Represented banks in commercial loan transactions by drafting commercial loan documents, reviewing
documents such as leases, title reports, surveys and corporate governance documents, and
coordinating with borrower’s counsel and the title company to facilitate closing deadlines.
Helped companies address insurance and liability concerns by offering a comprehensive review of all
current insurance policies, and offering industry-specific advice on ways to save money by reducing
unnecessary coverage and decrease liability exposure by addressing gaps in coverage.
Provided startup advice for new business entities and assisted with business formation and governance
issues including registration with pertinent governmental entities and drafting corporate governance
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