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How much interest am I able to charge on a construction contract that the debtor is 11 months late to pay on.In my contract I write 3% added a month 24% annual. Is this within Marylands laws?

Contract signed by property owner agreed to amount. Property owner paid half amount after job was completed. My contract specifies the conditions listed in above...

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We have a situation where we have paid out 112 thousand on a home improvement project on a 145k job. The contractor was terminated due...

Where can I find the form for putting a lien on a Condo for non payment of Condo fees

I’m on the Board of Directors and we need to file a lien on a Condo for non payment.

if some is extended an unsecured personal (for which no paperwork was signed) for a cash amount of 3000.00, can the lender place a mechanic’s lien on the property of the borrower if no work was done at property

received a personal unsecured without any paperwork being signed. Lender(personal friend) want contract signed that has unacceptable terms, i.e. sale of personal property for existing...

Can an end-buyer put a lien on the property for “executed labor”?

I have assigned a contract to an end buyer for a property owned by a foreign family that needs to get an ITIN and FIRPTA...

Emergency services fees are incurred when first responders provide services to prevent further damages to a property. The invoice for those services are typically billed to the insurance company. Is it within the legal right of the insurance company to withold the insured’s deductible when paying the emergency services invoice. The deductible is part of the restoration which is not related to the emergency service required by the insurance prior to them honoring the insurance policy

An emergency service fee was invoiced (separate from restoration on a homeowners claim) to an insurance company and payment was made less the homeowners deductible...

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