Drake Ready Mix Success Story

Drake Ready Mix is a growing concrete supplier in Florida. Like most suppliers, their company is often far from the top of the payment chain. At Drake Ready Mix, General Manager Annie Drake sends preliminary notices (called a Notice to Owner in Florida, or NTO) on almost all of their jobs to protect their lien rights and encourage their customers to pay within a 30-day period. Using Levelset, Annie is able to send multiple notices a day whereas, before using Levelset, she could only send out notices sporadically. 

As a general manager and someone who has been with the company since the very beginning, Annie handles a little bit of everything within the business, from human resources to collections and everything in between. In the past, Annie used a popular national credit management association to send notices. However, they were not set up to handle large scale notices, nor subsequent notices and liens. 

“Because of the scale of jobs we do, I would pick and choose when to send an NTO,” Annie explains. “We had a company that sent the NTOs for us, but the process of putting the information together and sending it to the company was too much for me to handle a large volume.” 

While many of their customers were paying right around 30 days, they had quite a few accounts that would take 60 days or longer to pay. Terry, the business owner, wanted the company to start sending out more notices to avoid those slow payment situations. 

Annie came across Levelset’s lien rights management solution and realized it would allow them to send notices in bulk with ease – exactly what they were hoping to do. 

“I wasn’t actively looking to switch from the company we were using at the time. I had no problems with them. But when I was introduced to Levelset, a light came on in my mind and I realized that this is something we need,” said Annie. “I saw that we would be able to send a larger number of notices, and that we’d also be able to house them in one place and track them.”

Making the switch over to Levelset was easy for Annie because she already understood the lien rights process and had paperwork well organized on her end. It wasn’t long before she realized that sending notices on almost every job was one of the best decisions the business could have made.

“We have definitely seen an improvement in our days sales outstanding, and I’ve seen our receivables shift in a positive direction,” says Annie. “We’re sending out so many notices and it’s getting our customers’ attention.”

When asked if she would recommend that other suppliers use Levelset to send notices, Annie says “Yes.”

“We could’ve kept doing our notices with the credit association, but it was all very basic. Using Levelset is what took things to the next level. Where before we were sending a handful of notices a week, now, we’re sending a handful a day,” says Annie. “For a growing business like ours, Levelset was a blessing at a time when we needed it. I have no regrets, and am happy I made the decision.”

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