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The page features questions about collections in construction . These questions have answers from construction attorneys and payment experts. Browse the entries belowor ask your own questions if you need help with collections if you've been left unpaid after a construction project.

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No preliminary lien notice submitted. Mechanics lien filed but deadline to file suit missed. Extend credit in process of being filed. Should I just get an attorney now or wait until I find out if the extension was granted?...Read More
CaliforniaCollectionsMechanics Lien
We did a masonry job on a residential home that is owned by a company that "flips" houses. the person that hired us is the sole owner of the company that purchased the property. We are able to see through the clerks records that he has recently taken another loan for the construction of the property. We have emails and text messages from the owner saying to meet him on XXX day and he will have a check for us, but never shows up. Now the customer no longer responds to any communication. Since we filed the lien we have attempted to contact the owner and have not received an form of response at all. He has not picked up the certified mail we sent when we filed the lien and we don[t know what to do at this point. I know who is lender is, I just don't know who to ask for to speak with them about this. What do we do now? ...Read More
TexasCollectionsConstruction ContractMechanics Lien
I filed a lien on one of my customers and they still have not paid. What can I do to get paid? ...Read More
We filed the lien thru Levelset in April 2020 on the Cambria Hotel project in GA. We have gotten paid a good portion since that time, but there is still an outstanding balance that the GC owes us in the amount of $11,400.23. The GC has become nonresponsive. What can be done to collect our remaining balance?...Read More
GeorgiaCollectionsLien ForeclosureRecovery Options
We have not been able to collect money for service project we did for one of our customers....Read More
we have a signed rental agreement ,but the wrong tax rate got put on the signed agreement. . is this the tax rate difference lien able on the project?.. or is this not able to lien . customer was notified right away that a change order was needed for the incorrect tax rate, customer refuses to make change order & pay the additional taxes on the equipment rental ....Read More
ColoradoCollectionsConstruction ContractRecovery OptionsRight to Lien
I kept up the property ie. cut grass, shovel snow etc.... am I able to file a lien ...Read More
We are a small construction company who was contracted to do some electrical work in Montana. The PO was sent to us to begin work. After the work was complete, the PO was canceled and now I am getting the run around about when it will be reissued so I can bill it. The contracting organization is large and you can only bill against a PO that is in their system. We are now at one month out from the originally issued PO....Read More
I haven't been paid on this job done back in May. We didn't file a preliminary notice and missed the lien claim deadline. Is there anything we can do?...Read More
CaliforniaCollectionsConstruction ContractLien Deadlines
Subcontractor on residential project and filed all docs via levelset to protect our position. the amount of lien is $32546.00 plus additional costs and how do we recoup that?...Read More
NevadaCollectionsMechanics Lien
If a contractor license was canceled due to non payment for renewal only but received the payment 15 days after the renewal date and was activated again, are we still entitled to collect all payments for the contracted project?...Read More
I own a flooring company and a recently had finished a fairly big job for a family of 5. There were never any deadlines set for this job. We had a lot of things my company did that I didnt find necessary to charge for bc I’m not intrested in making someone pay for every little nickel and dime that We’ve actually earned in, IF they would pay their invoice as agreed upon. I sent a preconstruction lein agreement via certified mail. After we completed the job homeowner Mayday list of the small things we need to do for them to be hundred percent happy it was small touchups maybe two days worth when we completed they was extremely happy. Problem Cain whenever I sent him his final invoice just $10,000 roughly for Lumber in which I charged to my account and broke down very thoroughly and went over every single item About $2500 for paint He paid me 5000 which barely covered labor So I’m ready to start the next step......Read More
ArkansasCollectionsConstruction Contract
Clients claiming we used cedar instead of IPE material on fencing. We used IPE on the benches and cedar on the walls. They also did not pay a change order for the flooring. ...Read More
New YorkCollections
Im a sub of a sub and the sub is saying they have not been paid so they will not pay me. Its a lot of money 25k, can I sue for it?...Read More
North CarolinaCollections
I loaned my brother in law 4900.00 to stop foreclosure. Can I place a lien on property since it was mortgage payments paid to finance co....Read More