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I am a self employed sub contractor of entertainment (musical) performances at nursing homes in the States of CT and RI. My issue is in reference to one my CT based clients, for which I do programs at 5 of their facilities in both CT and RI. I know that I am not the only entertainer that is having issues in collecting. I have a date going back to April 2019 and a different facility for June 2019. The rest are monthly performances beginning with September 2019. They are now 6 months is arrears. The email address on their website is incorrect. I did obtain an email address to which I sent a respectful letter several weeks ago, with no response. This site appears to pertain only to Construction job, is that correct or does it also apply to other vendor situations? Thank you for your time and any information or direction you can provide. Sincerely, Judy Hall Gray, Hope Valley, RI...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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This is going to be an Accord and Satisfaction question but let me give some background. I am a small residential concrete finishing business in Ohio. The customer requested a quote to put a concrete skirting/patio around their new in-ground pool after the customer had backfilled the existing excavated trench around the pool with gravel. The quote for the patio was $5,600. The customer then verbally asked for a price for the gravel backfill which we verbally agreed to a combined price of $6,500 for the concrete work and for 20 tons of gravel backfill with additional reasonable cost if it needed more than 20 tons. It required 28 tons of gravel so the final invoice was $7,300. It does not appear that there is a big issue with the final gross amount of $7,300. The customer was very hands-on with comments and demands throughout the project work. The critical item was that he filled the pool with water before we arrived and wanted us to put plastic (i.e. visqueen) over the entire pool and down between the future concrete edge and the side of the pool in order to prevent splatter from getting in the pool water. I told him that the plastic would prevent a good concrete finished edge up against the pool side and that he would need to cut the plastic away after the concrete dried which may leave some plastic showing. He said "do the best that you can" but insisted on his process. I told him that the normal practice is to do the work without water in the pool and have a solid edge between the poolside and the concrete in order to get a good finished edge. His dispute is with the quality of the finished edge but I am not asking for advice on resolving that issue. My question is with Accord and Satisfaction. My final invoice (invoice #1722 dated 10/4/22 for work that was completed on 9/23/22) for $7,300 is itemized as $5,600 for the concrete work and $1,700 for the backfill but it is all on one invoice (i.e. not separate invoices for the backfill and concrete work). I have had several discussions with the customer regarding the quality dispute and he refuses to let me on the property to assess and remediate. There is no dispute on the quality of the gravel backfill portion of the job. I finally offered a $500 goodwill credit to resolve the issue if he pays $6,800 which is did not accept. He verbally offered $5,900 as payment in full which I declined. He then sent me a letter in the general format of an invoice and labelled it "corrected invoice #1722". His corrected invoice is organized in two parts ($2,108 for the gravel and backfill and a $5,000 gross amount for the concrete). I have no idea how he came up with $5,000 as the gross amount for the concrete work when my invoice (and initial written estimate) shows $5,600. I also do not know how he comes up with $2,108 for the backfill when my invoice shows $1,700. In short, his gross amount of $5,000 + $2,108 = $7,108 as compared to my invoice of $7,300. I would have been fine with this difference but he then deducts $839.15 from the $5,000 to arrive at an amount of $4,160.85 for the concrete work. He issued two checks (one for $2,108 for the backfill and one for $4,160.85 for the concrete). The check memos say "concrete" on the $4,160.85 check and "backfill" on the $2,108 check. The checks do not say "paid in full" but his letter/corrected invoice, as well our discussion, leads me to reasonably assume that he intends the payments to be considered "payment in full". My understanding of Ohio Revised Code 1303.40 is that if I cash the checks, it will be considered payment in full under Accord and Satisfaction doctrine. My questions are 1) I assume that I should not cash the concrete check as it will likely be interpreted as payment in full. 2) Can I cash the backfill check which exceeds the backfill portion of the invoice and preserve my rights to collect the full amount on the concrete work? 3) If so, should I refund the overpayment of $408 on the backfill or just treat it as a deposit or partial payment on his account? 4) If I treat the $408 as a deposit, should notify him and, in that notification, should I state that I reject his concrete adjustments and request that he acknowledge that I am cashing the $4,160.85 check as partial payment of the concrete portion of the invoice. 5) If I proceed as stated in #3, and the customer accepts, can I cash the $4,160.85 check. 6) Do you have any other advice. Hopefully this has been entertaining to read and potentially be an example for your future blogs or customers. Please send response to More
Anonymous Contractor
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OhioCollectionsMechanics LienPayment Disputes
How do I get my final payment on a time and material job with no pre lien?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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We still have not been paid on this job. Finished over a year ago. Looking for advice/action...Read More
Anonymous Sub-Subcontractor
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GeorgiaCash FlowCollectionsCredit ManagementPayment Disputes
The work related to the lien I am filing was done in Multiple Units throughout a Condo building...but technically the company I was doing the work for was working for the Home Owners Association, not the individual units. The HOA is providing Internet and TV to all the units in the building, and my work was related to installing the equipment required for the HOA to provide those services to individual Units in the building. (Its a bulk TV and Internet service, so all units will get the service, however I only installed the equipment in certain Units) What do you recommend? ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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FloridaChange OrdersCollectionsMechanics LienPayment Disputes
Our company has worked with one GC on two different projects. One project was an outdoor project in which the GC demanded that we use a material that we knew was unsuitable for outdoor use and advised them against it because we knew there would be future issues. We have gone back on 3 occasions to fix this project but still, more work is needed long-term due to their misstep. We simultaneously completed a second project with the same GC, to the homeowner's satisfaction and now the GC is withholding payment for the completed job until we repair the other project. We have assured the GC that we would happily assist with the other project once we receive payment for the job we completed but they are still refusing to pay us. Do we have any recourse in the situation? Please note that a preliminary notice was not sent. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TennesseeCollectionsMechanics Lien
We are still waiting on their payments - So, what can we do now? to make them pay? 305-466-4464 ext 249 - Ivonne ...Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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PennsylvaniaCollectionsLien Deadlines
Our company did a bunch of storm damage tree removal for homes in southwest michigan last month and now several of these homeowners are not paying their bill so we are looking into alternative collections efforts. The research I've done so far makes it sound like filing seeking a judgement is the next best step and from there it sounds like filing a lien would be the next step. Would that be a Mechanic's Lien and does the rest of that sound about right? Thanks! Chris ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I was referred to you by another company I asked this to. In Florida is a construction company consider essential work while in quarantine? Also what about a lawyers office consider essential work? What about the cleaning crew that cleans the office are we consider essential workers too? Or are they just making us go to work cause they want to....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I was hired on a public project to replace the metal roof under a contract from my company to the township of summit county ohio board members. It was a parts and service building next to a police station that we agreed on a certain amount. I also put about 2000 extra dollars into the project. Long story short they swindled me and ended up not paying anything on 7700 dollar invoice. this was completed in June of 2020 and shortly after during my attempts to get paid I came down with covid and it kind of mixed everything I had going up. Im not sure if I even have the right to still pursue and I was hoping I could get some insight on those rights ...Read More
Travis Dyer
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OhioBond ClaimsCollectionsConstruction ContractLawsuitMechanics Lien
I did a job for a General contractor it was two buildouts, this company is slow to pay I’m told. Invoice was sent 1/24/22 I have sent numerous emails and reminders, no response. What should my next step be, and should I wait until it’s been longer? Thank you ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I subcontracted work for another company from February 2023 till April 2023. The work was performed at Enterprise Products Mont Belvieu, TX. The work performed was Non-Destructive Testing on equipment. I received partial payment when my company submitted invoices to them as this company factored their invoices to pay their vendors, employees etc. I have not received the remaining balance amount for all my company invoices that was submitted to them from February 2023 till April 2023. I did not send out any notice letters to them as its been over 3 months now since February 2023. How can I move forward with putting a lien on this compony for non payment? If you can get back with me on my options moving forward I will greatly appreciate it Thank You! Jacob Garza / Owner Cell # 832-863-7395 ...Read More
Jacob Garza
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TexasCollectionsLien Waivers
We are a manufacturer of industrial and commercial lighting in California. We sold to a distributor who intern sold and worked with an electrical contractor for a project for a city in Wisconsin. The contactor has several claims for issues for which they are blaming on us. In our opinion these claims are groundless. Thus, the electrical contractor is withholding money from the distributor (our customer) and our customer cannot pay us. Our invoice date is 11/17/2021. Question is regarding our rights to file a lien to get payment and how to go about doing this....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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We are filing a Small Claims lawsuit against a non paying customer here in CT. I wanted to get clarification on where the filing needs to occur. CT guidelines are: "If the plaintiff is a person and not a business and the case does not involve a landlord-tenant matter, the place where the hearing (trial) will take place (venue), if a hearing is necessary, will be a court in one of the following places: (1) where you live; (2) where the party you are suing (the defendant) lives or does business; or (3) where the thing or injury you are suing about took place. If the claim is a landlord-tenant matter, the trial will be in the court location where the house or apartment (premises) is located." Can we file in the jurisdiction where we live, or must we file where the defendant lives which is also where the project was completed? Thank you....Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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ConnecticutCollectionsLawsuitPayment Disputes
Hello, I work for Detroit Wallpaper Co. We produce and sell custom wallpaper products. We worked with a design firm about a year ago and have still not been paid in full for our products. Is there anything I can do to get our money? We are owed just over $4,000. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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