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The page features questions about collections in construction . These questions have answers from construction attorneys and payment experts. Browse the entries belowor ask your own questions if you need help with collections if you've been left unpaid after a construction project.

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If I work for a Property Management company. (Aka Gallant Building solutions, Lakeside project Solutions). their payment terms are 45 days net, putting me outside of the 30 day window to file a lien in Wisconsin. Is there any laws that pertain to this type of service? What are my options to collect, if building maintenance service fails to pay?...Read More
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hi we filed a 20% excess instead of a 20 day prelim in error in December now we are having problems getting paid and are concerned what are our rights?...Read More
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I am a licensed Plumber, worked with JN Plumbing Heating & Cooling I been domiciled and had wrote a itemized bill and landlord changed shook my hand and I did all Plumbing in unit, only had vandleism and my plumbing truck was distroyed, I would not want to file a lien but my police report of hate, distruction is not acceptable, I want to file a mechanics lien after hate crime and it's over $14,009.77 Itemized bills and noterized. Licenced plumber, John & Jeff Naclerio Spitzer NYS#Ol95489...Read More
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I have just received a civil judgment. The debtor has real estate in the states of FL and NY. I need help recording a lien in these states. How do I do this?...Read More
Hello, We are subcontractors, hired by General Contractor. The project was finished on January 16, 2020. Back in August, we started to chase GC for payment, knowing the 8-month rule. They have been sending some payments, and in a mid of Sept they promised to make a final payment in 3 weeks. The owner of the company accepted their word, however, they sent only 1/2 of the payment. Is there any possibility to file the lien based on the above circumstances? ...Read More
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I am the owner of a small licensed home improvement company in Virginia. We have a signed contract with a client who paid $3000 deposit. She had received all materials and has had some work performed. She canceled the check without notice and without making me aware of he unhappiness and when we returned to work on the other contracted projects she instructed us to leave her property and not return. The original agreement didn't require a building permit but what she had us do once the work began caused a riser to be taller than she wanted, she asked us to fix it but at that point she didn't have a permit we told her once she took care of that we'd correct the issue. She canceled the check and called out an inspector which of course found the step out of code. She won't let us repair it and has given the verbal no trespassing notice, she has all of building materials and is dictating what she wants to pay and when I can get paid and when I can get back the materials the she doesn't want to keep. ...Read More
I Am an independent contractor ,I did a remodel for a local doctor I had several cabinets custom built , a library ladder and several other items done. reworked the whole master closet and refinished the trim on the two areas. for a total of about 8500 dollars. This was about 18 moths ago. There were 2 things he was unhappy with at the time, I told him I would fix, a drawer and a cabinet door were warped. time went by and for personal reasons (my son was born) I put it in the back burner. He never called or followed up. when I sent Him a bill 6 months ago he refused to pay anything...Read More
No preliminary lien notice submitted. Mechanics lien filed but deadline to file suit missed. Extend credit in process of being filed. Should I just get an attorney now or wait until I find out if the extension was granted?...Read More
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We did a masonry job on a residential home that is owned by a company that "flips" houses. the person that hired us is the sole owner of the company that purchased the property. We are able to see through the clerks records that he has recently taken another loan for the construction of the property. We have emails and text messages from the owner saying to meet him on XXX day and he will have a check for us, but never shows up. Now the customer no longer responds to any communication. Since we filed the lien we have attempted to contact the owner and have not received an form of response at all. He has not picked up the certified mail we sent when we filed the lien and we don[t know what to do at this point. I know who is lender is, I just don't know who to ask for to speak with them about this. What do we do now? ...Read More
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I filed a lien on one of my customers and they still have not paid. What can I do to get paid? ...Read More
We filed the lien thru Levelset in April 2020 on the Cambria Hotel project in GA. We have gotten paid a good portion since that time, but there is still an outstanding balance that the GC owes us in the amount of $11,400.23. The GC has become nonresponsive. What can be done to collect our remaining balance?...Read More
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We have not been able to collect money for service project we did for one of our customers....Read More
we have a signed rental agreement ,but the wrong tax rate got put on the signed agreement. . is this the tax rate difference lien able on the project?.. or is this not able to lien . customer was notified right away that a change order was needed for the incorrect tax rate, customer refuses to make change order & pay the additional taxes on the equipment rental ....Read More
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I kept up the property ie. cut grass, shovel snow etc.... am I able to file a lien ...Read More
We are a small construction company who was contracted to do some electrical work in Montana. The PO was sent to us to begin work. After the work was complete, the PO was canceled and now I am getting the run around about when it will be reissued so I can bill it. The contracting organization is large and you can only bill against a PO that is in their system. We are now at one month out from the originally issued PO....Read More