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How to move forward with putting a lien on a company ?

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I subcontracted work for another company from February 2023 till April 2023. The work was performed at Enterprise Products Mont Belvieu, TX. The work performed was Non-Destructive Testing on equipment. I received partial payment when my company submitted invoices to them as this company factored their invoices to pay their vendors, employees etc. I have not received the remaining balance amount for all my company invoices that was submitted to them from February 2023 till April 2023. I did not send out any notice letters to them as its been over 3 months now since February 2023. How can I move forward with putting a lien on this compony for non payment? If you can get back with me on my options moving forward I will greatly appreciate it Thank You! Jacob Garza / Owner Cell # 832-863-7395

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Jun 6, 2023

You really need to retain a construction attorney to review and evaluate your legal position and to provide advice. Not everything qualifies for a right to file a mechanic's lien, and the attorney would need more information as to how your work benefitted the real estate at issue.

Consider preparing a letter to mail by certified mail to the contractor to set out the facts, and to demand your money. Support your letter with unpaid invoices, admissions that you are owed money, and photographs of your completed work. Make sure that your letter is professional and businesslike, as it may be evidence later.

If need be, consider filing suit in small claims court (assuming your claim is less than $20,000) using your letter as evidence.

Good luck.

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