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Should I file a lien?


We sold a load of Plywood to Selected Furniture LLC in Knox, Indiana (invoice date: 8-5-2021). They made some partial payments, but stopped after the last payment on 11/07/2022 ($1,000). The remaining balance is $9,372.39. Silvaris Corporation pursued collections through small claims court in Starke County for $6,000 (small claims limit when filing without legal representation). We received a summary judgment ($6,125 with court costs) which has been signed by the judge. Would a lien be an appropriate next step to pressure the debtor for payment or is there another avenue you would suggest?

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Jun 8, 2023

Reading your Question It sounds that you may be outside lien rights At this point it may be ideal to Look into having a expericened Collector pursue the balance including the Judgement Give me a call at 972-872-8783 I would love to speak to you about this more 

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