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Curtis is a fourth-generation commercial carpenter, who has specialized in suspended ceiling systems since 1980. These days, his time is split between local construction projects and his freelance B2B copywriter services.
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Contractors have tools to fix slow payment – but are afraid to use them

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The results of the 2020 National Construction Payment Survey are in, and the data shows how badly the current construction payment process is working. That survey also shows that as... Read more

Burned: How one contractor learned the importance of preliminary notice

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As a guy with forty years in the trades, I should have a bookcase full of stories about getting raked over the coals by customers. But when I look back... Read more

Opinion: Construction Needs a National Force Majeure Declaration

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The damage and fallout created by the COVID-19 pandemic with regard to the global construction industry is simply staggering. The European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) recently requested that the COVID-19... Read more

COVID in Construction: How to quickly clean up past due receivables

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The coronavirus is affecting every facet of the US economy, especially the construction industry. With mandatory stay-at-home orders now in place across the country, construction in many places has literally... Read more

Construction Project Delay? Take Emergency Action to Get Paid

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Schedule delays almost always lead to payment delays, and the Coronavirus has created a literal tsunami of construction project delays, across the country.  If you are experiencing delays due to... Read more

Recession Survival: Cut your construction overhead costs, not your profit

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The coronavirus has already upended construction projects across the US. Now, with the “deepest recession on record” looming, many contractors are expecting to take a hit on their profit margins.... Read more

Recession Survival: 5 Steps Construction Businesses Should Take Now

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Even before the coronavirus upended construction, and effectively threw a wrench into the engine of the US economy, experts were predicting that a recession was just around the corner. If... Read more

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