Document Rules

What are Document Rules?

Getting the right documents to the right people at the right time on all your jobs is complicated and time consuming. Doc Rules gives you full control to cover all of your company’s needs in less time. Create custom rules to prioritize tasks, send documents automatically to meet all your deadlines, and remove busywork.

Document Rules allow you to stay in control while saving time as Doc Rules runs in the background. There are three levels of processing:

  • Hands-Off: Documents are automatically prepared and sent based on your preferences.
  • Low-Touch: Your Queue will make suggestions and fulfill documents based on your preferences but you can approve, snooze, or dismiss before a document is sent.
  • Hands-On: You receive suggestions and handle documents on a case-by-case basis.

How to Set up A Document Rule

Log in to your account and click the settings wheel in the top-left. In the drop-down, select “Document Settings”. Document Rules can be customized based on the type of document, contract value, state, and much more! So we recommend reading this best practice how to guide for how to set up your Doc Rules.

Not sure if you have Document Rules in your account or want to add it? We have a 5-star support team eager to answer any questions you have regarding your account. Here’s how you can get in touch with them: We’re available chat on most pages of our website Call us at (855) 927-2737 or  Email us at

Log on to your account to set up Document Rules now and get paperwork off your plate!

Document Rules FAQs & Resources

Step-by-step Instructions

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