Scout Research

What is Scout Research?

Scout Research helps you see everyone on your jobs to make payment fast and easy. Not sure what Scout is or whether you have it in your account? Read more about Scout Research here, or watch the video below:

Scout helps you minimize risk on all fronts and get accurate information on your jobs so you can get your documents to the right people to set expectations from the start and avoid bad outcomes like liens. Scout finds:

  • Property owner, GC, and surety information
  • Legal property description
  • Project type

There are three levels of Scout Research:

  • Level 1: Standard Scout fills in missing property information using the most comprehensive database of construction jobs in the United States.
  • Level 2: Pro A Scout Pro personally investigates your job using other advanced and exclusive sources of information to complete property information with over 98% accuracy.
  • Level 3: Ultimate A Scout Pro will do everything possible via calls and emails to get in touch with people on your job and pin down hard to-find information not available online such as GC, lender, and surety details.


How to Set Up Your Scout Research Settings

Understanding Scout Alerts

Scout FAQs & Resources

Step-by-step Instructions

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