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Before these training sessions please make sure you’ve logged into your Levelset account because we’re going to hit the ground running. Each training class will focus on a different set of tools or settings in your Levelset account. Whether you’re new to Levelset or looking to level up your account use, we can’t wait to work with you!

We’re really looking forward to working together to empower you get what you earned!

Training & Onboarding Class Schedule:

Collections: Join our Collections Class to learn about the effectiveness of voluntary docs like Payment Demands, Invoice Reminders, and NOIs. Learn how to set up your Playbooks and Import Cadences so Levelset can work in the background for you!

Customization: Ready to take your templates and messaging to the next level? Join us to learn this and more, like how to create customized templates (and how to automate sending them)!

Risk Reduction: Levelset tools like Job Radar Premium, Payment Profiles, and our Education Center can help you identify payment risks before you get started on a new job. Learn how to use these parts of Levelset to dig deep and master your construction payment chain.

Texas Monthly Notices: Understanding the Texas Monthly Notice process can be, well…a Texas sized challenge. Our team of Levelset experts will teach you everything you need to know about notices in Texas, and two-step you through the automations and optimization workflows needed to make notice day, your favorite day.

  • First and last Thursday of the month 10am CT| Register >

Disaster: If you perform work in a state where restoration makes up the majority of your work, this is the class for you! We’ll walk through how to track disaster regulations in each state you’re working in, deadlines and delinquent accounts, and the different types of documents to send in each scenario.

  • Second and Third Thursday of the month 10am CT| Register >

Levelset 101: Everything you need to get started with Levelset! Our team of payment experts will walk you through account setup, automations and more.

Integrations: Save time and reduce duplicate entry with integrations! Join our experts to learn more.




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