Notice of Commencement

Notice of Commencement, when required, are filed with the county recorder office where the project is located. These documents are filed at the start of the project, and they identify key information about the job, such as, the job location, the job’s total value (in dollars), the property owner/developer, any agents of the owner, the general contractor, and/or the construction lenders for the job (if any).

Though it’s possible for Notices of Commencement to be filed for public projects (i.e. such as in Georgia), these are typically only required on private projects.  And further, they are rarely required, as only 5 states in the United States have laws requiring NOCs.

When NOCs are filed, they typically create shorter mechanics lien filing periods for subcontractors and suppliers, which benefits the owner/lender/general contractor.  Also, these documents contain information that make it easier for subcontractors and suppliers to protect their lien rights by making preliminary notices easier to prepare and send.

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